A (R)evolution on Space

• Traditionally single monolithic satellite with specific functionalities were manufactured, qualified, launched and operated. Those assets were used till the end of their usefull life an is the way the industry traditionally works.
• In 10 to 15 years from now, the modular concept will radically change the way satellites are developed, builded and used on space.
• A Revolutionary era, were modular satellites will allow on orbit integration, maintenance, and collaboration will take place. Artificial intelligence, collaboration among satellites and ground operations, orbit “traffic” management, repair, and a hole new amount of services will create a completely new “Space Infrastructure”.
• This space Infrastructure will look like a modern city were a broad kind of events are taken place, decisions will be taken, and a complete era of new services will be provided.
• This new Space Infrastructure, will be the framework of new business and activities on space, changing the mindset we have now a days, and providing the future generations a new ecosystem to be part of their life in a more direct way to be used. Even new companies we can’t imagine today, will be born to provide new products and services for this Space Infrastructure changing the life we know.

Main Features:

• Dual Redundant High-Reliability Bus Architecture.
• Mix between RAD-HARD and Rad-Tolerant configuration.
• Non Single Point of Failure.
• 5 to 7 years lifetime Mission.
• Deorbit Capability.
• Extremly reduced Time to Market.
• Professional Modular Bus Architecture.
• Full Electric or Solid propulsion system capability.
• Expandible 50Kg to 150Kg bus.
• Collaborative Payload Integration capability.
• Modular Bus architecture prepared for future robotic assembly.
• Can be integrated first on Earth but then on Space (ISS, Moon).
• Space Debris Mitigation Compliant.