• Design and Development of high reliability electronic boards.
• Signal Integrity Analisys.
• Failure Mode Analisys - FMEA - FMECA - SEE.
• Interactive hardware design with thermal and structural development on the loop.
• Prototyping, Engineering Model and Flight Model.
• Ground Support Equipment design and manufacture.
• Design Documentation and EIDP products.

Rugged Structural Design

• Rugged Engineering Electronic Enclosure Solutions.
• Custom Solutions Adapted to Technical Requirements.
• Extremely Light Weight Rugged Enclosure.
• Shielding Electronic Devices.
• Detailed Engineering.
• Mechanisms designed to perform in harsh environments.
• Different Surface Finishes.
• Manufacturing & environment testing.

Mechanical and structural development by computer aided drafting (CAD)

• Detailed engineering of 3D models and 2D drawings of components, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing of functional prototypes.
• Complex Drawings, 3D videos, assemblies and mechanisms for presentations, butchering of a assemblies, contact and interaction between parts in an assembly, mass, volume, center of mass, moment of inertia.

Simulation using finite element (FEM)

• We have knowledge in stationary and transient regimen simulations.
• Thermal design in three propagation mechanisms of heat flux (radiation, convection and conduction).
• Structural analysis, Thermal stress analysis, maximum Von Mises stress, calculation of safety factor structures (FoS).
• Vibrations structural, either natural frequencies, sinusoidal, random, PSD (Power Spectral Density), frequency response.
• Radiation Analysis - Total Irradiating Dose (TID) for different órbital conditions.
• Fluid dynamics (CFD) of low Reynolds number.